Traditional Family Recipe – interpreted modern


Freshly baked every day

Incomparable enjoyment

Since 1990

Since the early 90s it has been a matter of the heart for our Malbat-Family to produce baked goods, the way they deserve to be produced: with hard-working hands, own recipes and a great portion of passion! In the past the art of baking was already practiced by many generations in our own bakery. This is how delicious baked goods were created, which did not only impressed the people in the area but also beyond the city limits.

Today we are reviving our proven family tradition through a young, dynamic team and modern influences. We bake authentic ethnic food by hand with lots of love, which pampers the senses and takes you on a culinary journey.

Original Malbat’s



High quality meat paired with unique spices and fresh vegetable on very thin flatbread: Our Lahmacun can hardly be topped in its authenticity and taste – ovenwarm directly on your plate!

+Real Ingredients

From aromatic tomatoes and fresh parsley to first class moves meat: We rely on real Ingredients and pure taste.

+ Pure taste

Refined with a perfectly matched seasoning mix of the best ingredients : One bite says more than a thousand words.

+ Pure quality

From the dough making to final preparation : Thanks to 100% of handmade labor, every single product is unique.

In love with details

We bake with passion

Passion and lots of love for detail : this is what defines our Malbat-concept. Our Lahmacun-Classic is made out of few ingredients, but with lots of care, time and feeling. We‘d love to take you on a culinary pleasure journey to our homeland.


We set standards in the taste – with the best baking ingredients from the region

In order to obtain the best possible product quality, we use the direct way to work closely with partners and suppliers from the region. Trust and direct delivery routes guarantee optimum freshness and help to protect the environment.